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  • Why Dog Music Works (According To Science) – DogPetPuppy

    Why Dog Music Works (According To Science) – DogPetPuppy

    Music heals and transforms.  The simplest beat can make us sad, happy, lonely, and even angry.  But would you believe me if I told you it affects Fido’s mood, too?  There are scientific proofs that music moves them the same way as humans.  Keep reading to find out: 7 ways music changes pet.  5 surprising […]

  • 10 Steps To Toilet Train A Puppy In 7 Days (How-To Guide) – DogPetPuppy

    10 Steps To Toilet Train A Puppy In 7 Days (How-To Guide) – DogPetPuppy

    They say, “With a cute pooch comes great responsibility.” Having a little puppy at home’s all fun and joy… Until they decide to make your house their toilet. Now, if you’re a first-time parent, don’t worry. I gathered simple tips on how to potty train a dog pet at home. Keep reading to find out: […]

  • 101 Easy & Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog (Step-By-Step) – DogPetPuppy

    101 Easy & Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog (Step-By-Step) – DogPetPuppy

    Here’s what I tell most fur parents when it comes to dog pet training: Although it’s a serious task… You can make sessions fun by teaching your pooch a limitless number of tricks. And the good news is: You’ve come to the right place to help turn Fido’s drills around.   Continue reading to find out: […]

  • When My Dog Died, A Part Of Me Died (R.I.P. Ejy 2019) – DogPetPuppy

    When My Dog Died, A Part Of Me Died (R.I.P. Ejy 2019) – DogPetPuppy

    The sentence above says it all. But to understand exactly how much of a part Ejy played in my life… I invite you to read his story. Nothing held back. Let’s begin… When my dog pet died, a part of me died Ejy became my best friend in 2011 while I was last year in […]

  • Dogs Can Cause Injuries on Walks

    A Doggies named Daisy lives next door, and my son enjoys taking her out on walks from time to time. On a recent outing, all was going well until Daisy spotted a squirrel and gave chase. My 12-year son is no match for her power or her enthusiasm, but he’s fast, and he managed to […]

  • A Dog by Any Other Name

    “His name is ‘Baby,’” Helen told me as she stroked her Doggies’s massive black head. “Baby” weighed in at about 65 pounds, was seven years old and had bitten 13 times. The last bite had been to Helen, when she tried to stop an attack on her disabled son. Needless to say, we had a […]

  • Emotions Are Written All Over Dogs’ Faces

    Where and how we grow up influences who we become in so many ways, including, it turns out, how well we can recognize Doggies emotions. In a comprehensive study of this phenomenon, researchers found evidence that the role of Doggiess in a culture plays a role in the ability of people from that culture to […]

  • What’s the Point?

    What’s the Point?

    Previous Next AT TWO WEDDINGS, darling ring bearers paraded down the aisle proudly holding the prized objects. They couldn’t have been more than six. When they suddenly stopped—as six-year-olds tend to do—to look at something on the ground, guests leaned into the aisle and pointed toward the beaming faces ahead. Smiles filled the crowd as […]

  • A Cat-Finding Detection Dog

    A Cat-Finding Detection Dog

    Shortly after the Holiday Farm fire decimated the Oregon towns of Blue River and Vida in early September this year, Katie Albright headed to the burn zone with an animal trapper and two firefighters. “A big house on the river was still standing, with a cat inside,” she says. “The power was out, it was […]

  • Kindness Ranch: A Wyoming Safe Haven for Former Lab Animals

    Amy the Beagle greets another of the ranch’s lab rescued animals as Animal Care and Behavior Manager Erica Stovken looks on. Volunteer Haley (on the left) and staff members Bridget and Kayley taking Doggiess for a walk. Executive Director Maranda Weathermon plays with a ranch resident. Visitors Sandy and David on the steps of their […]