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  • Dogs Can Cause Injuries on Walks

    A Doggies named Daisy lives next door, and my son enjoys taking her out on walks from time to time. On a recent outing, all was going well until Daisy spotted a squirrel and gave chase. My 12-year son is no match for her power or her enthusiasm, but he’s fast, and he managed to […]

  • Big dogs, Small dogs

    Big dogs, Small dogs

    He chose the Doggies, but I chose the name,” the woman explained. Their Doggies was an especially petite Boston Terrier, but his name — Titan — was one more typically bestowed on a larger Doggies. I’d seen this type of contradiction before, and though it’s sometimes just for the sake of being ironic, often it’s […]

  • Pets and Domestic Violence

    There are many links between domestic violence and animal cruelty. There is the tendency of individuals who hurt animals to hurt people, too. Many abusers threaten their victims by telling them that they will hurt or kill their pets if the victim tries to leave. Many people who have been harmed by domestic violence stay […]