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10 Best Games for Dog to Play (Fun Activities You’re Missing!)

 Dogs are fantastic dogs, but…

They are especially a handful if you don’t keep them entertained and busy!

While some owners have large yards and plenty of time to keep their Dog busy, others struggle to find things for their dog to do — especially if they’re working.

If you’re wanting to know how to play with your Dog to keep them entertained, then keep reading while I list several fun activities you can play with your Dog to keep them happy and busy.

It’s easy to enjoy these Dog training games!

Simply gather your toys and supplies and follow along with the short description of the activities.

You can even try a new game right now and get started immediately!

1. Sherlock Bones

My Dear Watson is that a treat trail I spot?!?!

Dogs rank superior in their tracking and sniffing abilities.

Give their sense of smell a real brain workout by letting them follow a treat trail!

This game for intelligent breeds offers your Dog a chance to explore their environment through their nose.

It’s a perfect game to play with Dog puppies since they’re naturally curious and full of boundless energy to keep with the scent!

What you’ll need:

  • Healthy Treats
  • Dog room gate or leash
  • The mind of a cunning detective

How to play Sherlock Bones:

Take the healthy treats and squeeze them between your hands so that their potent scent is transferred to you. Next, place the treats to the side and call your Dog, announcing “Sherlock Bones” or “Treat Trail.”

Place them on their leash or behind the dog gate temporarily so they can’t follow you around. Ask them to sit and offer them one piece of the treats as temptation. Now, place the first few treats on the floor in easy-to-find spots nearby.

Do this while he watches since he’s new to the game and might need a bit of help.

Place the treats about every 5 to 10 steps apart.

Choose a spot that’s easy to find for some of the treats and sometimes place the treat behind a table leg or object. After he’s successful in the game, make the trail harder and hide the treats in more difficult places.

Now, release your dog from behind the dog gate or let him off his leash and tell him to FIND.

This is one of the easiest games for Dog puppies since you can make a straight trail right in front of them as they learn.

2. Working for Dinner

Get your dog active and moving to find their dinner meal.

Few working dogs have to actually work for their dinners these days.

This can cause disinterest in meal times or even boredom. Any potential for mental stimulation during meals is long gone when fed from a bowl routinely… every day of their life!

Instead of offering your Dog’s dinner in their usual way (How boring is that?), set up a fun-filled foraging experience!

Dogs love to search for their dinner in new and unusual places.

And, it’s a great brain game for your Dog you can do every day!

What You’ll Need:

  • Your dog’s dinner portion
  • Dog gate or leash
  • 3 or more small, non-breakable dishes
  • A hungry dog!

What to do to play the Working for Dinner game:

Start with 3 small dishes to place your dog’s dinner portion in for this fun game.

This is one of the best dinner games for intelligent dogs to increase their mental stimulation and reduce boredom.

After you’ve placed their dinner into the dishes, leash your dog or place them behind a dog gate to keep them away while you go outside to hide their dinner. But put them in an area where they can watch you hide the food dishes.

You can also hide the dishes indoors if you’re looking for inside games for dogs.

Hide the dishes under unused pots or boxes, behind bushes, or in other locations that are safe for your dog.

The first time you play, set one of the dishes right in the middle of the yard or room so that it’s easy to find. This is an easy brain game for a Dog puppy to keep them busy.

Now, release your dog and say FIND.

You may have to help your dog find the hiding places in the beginning. Give them plenty of congratulations when they find their food!

You can increase the difficulty of the game by hiding the food in more challenging places or not letting your dog watch where you place the dishes.

3. Magic Cups

Go to your kitchen now and grab a few plastic cups and a handful of dog treats to impress your Dog that you’re a magician!

Your Shepherd dog loves a challenge!

And Magic Cups is excellent for even the most intelligent dog or puppy.

The cup game is great brainwork that’ll really have your Dog excited and ready for more while giving them a mental activity to do!

What you’ll need:

  • 3 plastic cups
  • Tasty treats
  • Your magic hands

Playing the Magic Cups game:

Magic Cups is useful to add to your list of inside games for dogs when the weather isn’t cooperating.

The aim of the game is to stimulate your Dog mentally and increase their brain activity.

Take 3 plastic cups and the tasty treats, while having your dog sit or wait nearby. Let them see which cup you place one of the tasty treats under.

Tell them to FIND the treat and when they alert you to the location (by nosing the cup, pawing it, or knocking it over) let them have the reward.

Now, shuffle the cups and play again while your dog sits or waits.

To make the game harder, have your dog wait outside the room where the cups are at.

Or, use more cups so there’s more to sniff and think about as another challenging brain game for your Dog.

4. Fun with Flying (or Rolling) Disc

Roll your discs for a puppy to keep their joints safe.

Playing games with your dog helps to stimulate him mentally. Games that involve both physical and mental agility give a full workout for both the mind and body.

Plus, your breed loves to jump and run for this game.

If you have a Dog puppy under 12 months of age, don’t let them jump to avoid any damage to their bones and joints.

Even better, roll the discs along the ground for them to chase!

Read more about easy, gentle exercises for your Dog puppy to avoid stressing their joints and causing long-term damage!

What you’ll need to play Fun With Flying Discs:

  • set of flying discs or toss rings
  • Healthy treats
  • A Dog that loves to play

Playing the Game: 

This game is easy enough to teach even the beginner dog new to training games.

Take one of your discs or rings and get your dog excited about it by moving it around in the air. You can also take a couple of steps back to tease your dog into playing.

Now, toss the disc just a short distance and encourage your dog to FETCH or BRING it back to you.

If they don’t, simply jog to get the ring and bend down and pat your knee to call him over. Most dogs understand the concept, but if they don’t keep trying and offer a treat when they bring the disc back.

If you have a puppy, keep the disc throwing very low to the ground and only play in the soft grass.

To make this game more mentally stimulating, have the other discs or rings in your hand and immediately throw the next disc when your dog brings back the first.

Watch for your dog or puppy becoming overtired as that’s not the point of the game. Let your dog rest as necessary.

Wondering what discs to buy?

My Dog’s strong bite stands up well to this Kong Classic Flyer as she catches it in mid-air, but its soft rubber is easy on a puppy’s little mouth too!

5. Wobble and Roll

Puppies and adult Dogs love to hunt for their food from a wobble feeder.

Playing with toys is a great way to have your intelligent breed use its mind.

And you don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive toys and games to play with your Dog.

Simple toys offer hours of enjoyment, like the Wobble feeder.

What you’ll need for Wobble and Roll fun: 

  • Wobble feeder
  • Healthy treats
  • Some fast-moving paws!

Activity Steps:

Robust toys have been developed for strong Dogs that keep them amused.

Many different sizes and shapes of foraging feeders are available and your dog will enjoy the movement of the toy as they nudge, nose, and paw for their food.

Simply place a mixture of treats or their regular dinner food in the feeder and let your dog enjoy their dinner entertainment while you watch with a smile. You can also place the feeder in an easy hiding spot before you leave the house, but don’t let your dog see you hide the toy.

Check out this Kong Wobbler Feeder for a nearly indestructible feeding toy that keeps your dog entertained!

The Wobble and Roll game is so easy that it’s a great game to play with a Dog puppy to develop coordination and balance skills.

6. Puzzle Pleaser

This Dog puzzle game keeps your dog busy on a rainy day inside.

A classic mind game for Dogs is a puzzle that surprises your dog with treats as they uncover new areas of the activity.

Puzzle brain games are inexpensive and range in a variety of levels to challenge even the most intelligent breed.

Start with a Level 1, or easy, mind game for your Dog.

Wondering what levels there are and the types of difficulty your Dog needs?

See the best brain game puzzles for a Dog to find out!

What you’ll need:

  • Puzzle toy, easy to advanced level
  • Healthy treats or regular kibble
  • A dog with a clever mind and agile paws

What to do to get started playing the Puzzle Pleaser game:

New dog toys entice your Dog to use their brains and bodies in order to win a tasty prize!

Simply place a few treats in the slots beneath the surface of the puzzle toy to conceal the food.

You might have to show your dog how to play a few times and encourage them to find the treats. But Dogs are one of the most intelligent dog breeds with superior scenting ability, so they’ll have no problems.

The best part is, this game for Dogs is available at all levels, so you can increase the difficulty from puppy to adult as your dog learns how to play the game!

Start with this exciting Brain Game Activity Flip Board since you can adjust how easy or hard the game is for your Dog.

7. Ring Stacker

Stacking rings is difficult for many dogs. Is your Dog up to the challenge?

Do you have an advanced Dog that needs a harder challenge?

Then Ring Stacker is the game for you!

What you’ll need to play Ring Stackers:

  • Ring stacking toy (you can get this in the kid’s department or toy store)
  • Healthy treats
  • A lot of time and patience

What to do:

First, set up your ring stackers and make sure your dogs know a fetch or retrieve command.

Once they know these commands, direct them toward the ring stacker with their hoop.

This game could take weeks or months for your dog to learn since it takes advanced skills. Eventually, your dog will stack the rings in order of size with ease!

I learned about this game through an exciting online dog training program called Brain Training for Dogs which is…

The most fun training I’ve used for my hyper Dog!

And, the program covers not only all the obedience basics but many of the issues you might have with your Dog (Excessive barking much, anyone?)

Here’s where you can find out more about this helpful online program:

Brain Training for Your Dog (even puppies!)


A hyper Dog needs to learn more than basic obedience, and the Brain Training for Dogs program teaches you how to get the best behavior out of your companion.

8.  Where Are My Keys?

Warning: Don’t rely on your Dog to find your keys if it’s your only set!

Yes, you guessed it!

You can even teach a Dog dog or puppy to find your keys! Start with an old set of keys first, just in case you can’t remember where you’ve hidden them.

What you’ll need:

  • Spare set of keys (Do not use keys that you can’t afford to lose!)
  • Soft cloth or material
  • Healthy treats
  • A Shepherd who likes to find lost things

To enjoy the Where are my keys? game:

You’ll need to attach a soft piece of cloth to the keys so that your dog can pick them up easily first.

Next, play a quick game of fetch with them and when your dog reliably brings them back to you, say the cue “Keys!” when he picks them up.

Now, place the keys with a small group of other toys and ask your dog to find the keys.

When he does, reward him greatly with treats and praise. On your next few walks, practice a “FIND KEYS” command by dropping them occasionally and rewarding him with a treat when he picks them up.

Finally, hide them indoors in easy spots at first and ask him to find them!

Dog games can be useful for you, too!

This game is a brain game for Dogs at the ultimate challenge level!

9. Name That Toy

Got a few toys? Then you’ve got a game to play!

Wouldn’t it be fun to ask your Dog puppy to bring you their toys by name?

Well, you can easily teach this game to your puppy with a bit of practice and patience.

What you’ll need:

  • A Variety of toys
  • Healthy treats (pick from this list of the best healthy treats for your Dog)
  • Names for your toys

Playing the Name That Toy game: 

This game for Dogs begins with only one toy if your puppy or dog is new to the game.

As you play with the toy and toss it for retrieval, begin to name the toy as your dog picks up the item.

You can name the toy whatever you want, but remember to always use the same name.

When your puppy learns the name of one toy reliably, give the next toy a name.

You can even begin to introduce new toys that you bring home with their name almost immediately when your puppy catches onto the Name That Toy game!

Try this Dog game with your puppy’s favorite toy first, since they already love it and know it.

10. Indoor Obstacle Race

Using only objects you have already around your house you can enjoy a quick, easy game that’s also perfect for puppies.

You don’t need much to get started with an indoor obstacle course race. And, it’s a perfect game for puppies to promote motor skills and critical thinking.

Your Supplies:

  • Furniture from your home, such as a table, chairs, laundry basket, or soft piles of towels
  • Yummy treats to lure your dog through the course
  • A small amount of room that is safe

Playing the Indoor Obstacle Race Course:

At the beginning of the game, place a few safe objects that won’t fall on your dog around the floor. I like to use my laundry basket and a small pile of towels.

These objects because your indoor obstacle course, which you can create to suit your dog or puppy’s age and abilities.

I love using towels that have been rolled up for small hurdles that puppies can easily walk over (no jumping high yet – they’re too young and growing strong bones). Use your treats to lure your puppy through, around, over, and under your homemade obstacle course to burn off their energy.

As your puppy learns the routine, you can increase the speed to use up even more of those puppy zoomies! Even adult Dogs love this game, especially on a rainy or snowy day.

Over time, increase the number of obstacles you create on your course, always keeping in mind your environment and staying safe with your dog.

Fun Games to Play With Your Dog

These fun activities are also considered brain games, also known as mind games, for your Dog because they challenge him to think and make mental connections.

But, it’s not like school where there’s lots of pressure to get a perfect score. So, don’t pressure your dog to get the game right.

Just enjoy playing games with your Dog and see where the fun takes you!

These games to play with a Dog also have many benefits, like:

  • reducing boredom
  • increasing intelligence
  • decreasing unwanted behaviors and keeping them busy
  • giving you a chance to bond with your best friend
  • and are perfect for a rainy or snowy day

Every Dog owner should play a few of these brain games a week, preferably at least once daily!

A dog that is engaged with its owner is less likely to have behavior problems and easier to train overall…

And that’s exactly what these games for Dogs help you do!

What about playing Fetch and Tug-of-War with my Dog?

Fetch and Tug-of-War are very common games to play with your Dog puppy, but keep in mind these games place a lot of stress on your puppy’s growing joints.

Some puppies can even strain their necks and backs with a vigorous game of Tug-of-War. And, even my adult Dog (who weighs almost 90 pounds) has suffered a neck pull when someone played a rough game of tug with her.

Playing these common games too frequently, especially with a puppy, could tear cartilage, damage their tendons, and cause microscopic tears in the muscle which take longer to heal.

Furthermore, even if you have a full-grown adult Dog, the quick starts and stops of chasing a toy to Fetch place immense strain on their joints and may damage them over time.

Limit your games of Fetch and Tug-of-War games to a couple of times a week, preferably for no more than 10-15 minutes.

Instead, choose another game that’s not only more fun to play with your Dog puppy, but much healthier on their bodies!


Who needs a regular game when you have these awesome games to keep your Dog busy?

What games can I play with my Dog?

Games for Dogs encourage independent thinking, give your job an outlet for their energy, and tap into primal instincts that ordinary daily life simply can’t.

And these fun Dog games will leave your dog begging for more!

This list is jam-packed with Dog activities that’ll get your pup’s mind racing and improve your dog’s behavior when played consistently.

Pick several activities off the list and try them a few times a week.

Which one of these fun Dog Dog games will give your pet a grin a mile wide?

Easy Guide to Fun Games for Dogs

Use this quick reference list to pick a game for your Dog. Start with the lowest stars, especially if your dog is new to brain games or you have a puppy.

Feel free to vary your choice to find the games that suit your pup’s personality the best, though!

GameLevel of Difficulty (1 – 5)Fun Factor (1- 5)
Sherlock Bones⭐⭐🌭🌭🌭🌭
Working for Dinner⭐⭐🌭🌭🌭🌭
Magic Cups⭐⭐⭐🌭🌭
Fun with Flying Discs🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
Wobble and Roll🌭🌭🌭
Puzzle Pleaser⭐⭐⭐🌭🌭🌭🌭
Ring Stacker⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌭🌭🌭🌭
Where are my keys?⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌭🌭🌭🌭
Name that Toy⭐⭐🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
This chart helps you find the best Dog game to play with your Dog based on your individual dog.

So, what are the best games to play with your Dog?

Some games for Dogs use more mind than body, while others will leave your dog’s heart racing with excitement.

In a nutshell, the best games to play with your Dog:

  • Keep them both physically and mentally stimulated
  • Use their high intelligence
  • Peak their curiousity
  • Are entertaining and fun
  • Give them time to bond with you for a happier, healthier companion!

Don’t ignore the benefits of structured play with your lively Dog Dog.

Remember Dogs love to learn new things and interact with you! Their favorite point in their day is enjoying games and playing with you.

This isn’t the type of dog breed that you can just leave with a few toys and expect them to entertain themselves. You must interact and show your dog how to play games or they’ll make up their own games which you won’t like (since it involves getting into trouble!).

Keep your interactions fun and positive and your dog will love their Dog games and your time together!

Looking for more mental stimulation for your dog? 💡

Sounds like you’re the type of owner who would love to read 15 Stimulating Mental Exercises for Dogs to find even more exciting and challenging games!


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