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How to Make Your Dog Stop Taking Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide


Are you tired of finding your favorite pair of shoes chewed up by your furry friend? It can be frustrating and costly to deal with a dog who has a habit of taking shoes. However, with the right approach and consistent training, you can teach your dog to stop this destructive behavior. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make your dog stop taking shoes.

Understanding the Behavior

Before we dive into the training process, it’s important to understand why dogs develop a habit of taking shoes. Dogs are naturally curious and have a strong sense of smell, which often leads them to explore new scents and objects. Chewing on shoes can also be a form of anxiety or boredom relief for dogs. By addressing the underlying causes, you can effectively modify this behavior.

Step 1: Provide Appropriate Chew Toys

One of the first steps in preventing your dog from taking shoes is to provide them with appropriate chew toys. Dogs have a natural instinct to chew, and it’s essential to redirect this behavior to something more suitable. Invest in a variety of chew toys that are safe for your dog to chew on, such as Kong toys or durable rubber toys. Encourage your dog to chew on these toys instead of your shoes.

Step 2: Keep Shoes Out of Reach

Prevention is key when it comes to stopping your dog from taking shoes. Make sure to keep your shoes out of reach and stored in a secure location. Use shoe racks, closed closets, or shoe organizers to keep your shoes inaccessible to your dog. By removing the opportunity for your dog to take shoes, you can effectively break the habit.

Step 3: Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool when training your dog. Whenever you catch your dog chewing on an appropriate chew toy instead of your shoes, reward them with praise, treats, or their favorite toy. This will reinforce the desired behavior and motivate them to continue chewing on their toys. Consistency and immediate reinforcement are crucial for success.

Step 4: Redirect and Distract

If you find your dog attempting to take shoes or chewing on them, redirect their attention to an appropriate chew toy. Offer them the toy, play with them, or engage them in a different activity to distract them from the shoes. It’s important to provide an alternative so that your dog doesn’t feel bored or anxious, leading them to resort to taking shoes.

Step 5: Address Anxiety and Boredom

If your dog’s shoe-taking behavior is driven by anxiety or boredom, it’s important to address these underlying issues. Make sure your dog is getting enough physical exercise and mental stimulation through regular walks, playtime, and puzzle toys. Consider providing calming aids, such as soothing music or pheromone diffusers, to create a more relaxed environment for your dog.

Step 6: Consistent Training and Reinforcement

Consistency is key when it comes to training your dog. Set clear boundaries and be persistent in enforcing them. It may take time for your dog to fully understand that taking shoes is not acceptable behavior. Remember to continue praising and rewarding your dog for choosing appropriate chew toys consistently. Regularly revisit the training process to reinforce good behavior.


With patience, consistency, and the right training techniques, you can successfully teach your dog to stop taking shoes. By providing appropriate chew toys, keeping shoes out of reach, and using positive reinforcement, you can redirect your dog’s behavior and save your shoes from being chewed up. Remember, it’s important to address any underlying anxiety or boredom that may be contributing to the behavior. Stay committed to the training process, and soon your dog will learn to leave your shoes alone. ✨


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