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7 Best Crates for German Shepherds to Fit Any Lifestyle

 Choosing the best crate for a Dog can feel overwhelming with all the choices on the market.

There are crates for Dog puppies, travel crates, and even heavy-duty escape-proof kennels for the Houdini dogs.

I was so confused when I bought my Dog a crate because I didn’t know the right size or which crate is actually the best for a large breed dog.

But, luckily, you have this guide to help you buy the best crate for your Dog while avoiding all the stress and hassle of finding the perfect match.

Best Dog Crates – Top Picks

Best Crate for Dog Puppy

The Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate is a top pick for puppies as it’s lightweight, so you can take your puppy with you wherever you go!

Best Puppy Crate

Best Crate for Dogs that Like to Chew

MidWest’s Ultima Pro Double Door Dog Crate is not only large enough to fit the biggest of dogs, but also made of robust wire steel for dogs that like to chew.

Best Chew-Resistant Crate

Best Cage for Dogs that Escape

Using reinforced steel, Frisco’s Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Dog Cage is sure to prevent even the most aspiring dogs from escaping.

Best Escape-Proof Cage

1. Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate 48″ – Best Crate for Dog Puppy

Lightweight, this Dog dog crate is easy to transport and move.


The Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate 48″ provides an easy solution to your needs.

The crate is lightweight with easy sliding barn-style doors to keep your Dog safe and comfortable. While this Dog dog crate is the lightest model of the group, it’s great for Dog puppies that don’t try to escape or calmer, full-grown adults.

The large sliding doors make cleaning the crate a breeze and the plastic catch pan is perfect for catching any accidents or dirt.

All you need is soft bedding to round out this light-duty crate for your Dog puppy to create a calming space for short naps or overnight stays.

The double-door crate has securely latching doors that are engineered for strength and stability to keep your dog safe and secure while you’re away. And, the sturdy, rust-resistant wireframe is coated for durability and uses easy snap-on corner stabilizers to prevent collapsing.

When you need it, the crate easily folds down flat for transport. So, it’s lightweight and can be moved quickly.

Get Easy, Puppy Comfort

2. MidWest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Crate 48″

Double doors allow for easy in and out for your dog.


The MidWest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Dog Kennel has high positive reviews for quite a few reasons.

This model delivers many useful everyday features that you’re sure to love!

From the double doors to the removable plastic tray the MidWest brand proves that quality is affordable.

The 12-gauge steel and tighter wiring make this model lightweight and durable to light scratching and pushing, but dogs that bite or scratch at their kennels will need a thicker wire. If that’s your dog, look at the higher-rated gauge wire cages on this list.

There are two side bolt latches to keep the doors in place and two-door openings for a choice of indoor or travel setups to suit your space. This makes the model more versatile for traveling and for moving by yourself in the home for a variety of setups.

The iCrate uses electro-coated wire mesh, which is the lightest weight and least expensive of the MidWest wire crates. This allows the crate to move easily inside a home or when used for traveling with your dog.

Folding flat, this crate also has ABS plastic carrying handles to make moves easier on your hands and body.

This model is a great bargain for the quality if you want a budget dog crate for your Dog.

See the Double Door Delight Crate

3. MidWest LifeStages Double Door Crate 48″

Fold and Carry Model with thicker wire for greater durability and rounded corners for safety.


MidWest designs this all-steel kennel with a double door and a secure locking system. The crate includes 4 slide-bolt latches to keep your pet safely and securely inside.

For portability, the LifeStages kennel folds down flat, ready for travel or storage. The MidWest Exercise Pen (sold separately) fits snugly against the cage and includes snaps that help secure the crate to the pen if you want to make a larger play area for your Dog puppy.

The MidWest LifeStages crate includes a divider panel that allows the length of living area to adjust as your puppy grows into their adult-sized home.

And, with rounded corners, the crate prevents you from accidentally hurting yourself by bumping into the edges.

Learn More: Portable, Secure Kennel

4. Frisco Heavy Duty Fold & Carry Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate 48″

With thicker gauge wire this crate is suited for stronger Dogs.


If you own a dog that easily opens its crate latch, then the single-door model with double latches may be just what you need.

This heavy-duty crate is suitable for larger Dog puppies and dogs that tend to have more energy and strength.

For a 12-gauge wire crate, this is one of the lighter kennels if you want to stay mobile with your dog. Keep in mind for a crate this size, the weight is 39.5 pounds, so it’s still a bit to carry.

A single-door crate is perfect for training or keeping your dog safely contained while you’re away.

This crate is made of rust-proof thicker and heavier wiring for added security and each panel is constructed with rounded corners for your dog’s safety.

The single large door makes training a breeze and features a secure safety lock with dual latches.

An included divider panel allows you to create a smaller space for your growing Dog puppy and the large size gives your dog plenty of space to lay down comfortably.

See the Double Latches

5. Frisco Double Door Dog Crate 48″

Heavy-duty wire size – good for medium to heavy chewers.


This crate features two large doors, one on the front and one on the side, that are easy to open and make entry and exit for larger Dogs easier on them.

The front door of the 48-inch crate measures 26 by 22.5-inches and the side door is 26.75 by 20.75-inches, allowing plenty of room for large dogs to easily walk through.

They also close and securely lock with dual latches to keep your dog safe from escape.

The bottom of the crate is fashioned with rubber stoppers to prevent slipping and scratching, which makes the crate slip-resistant and keeps your floors safe from unexpected scratches.

The bottom tray has a pan-locking latch to help keep the tray in place in case you have a high-energy Dog puppy or large dog.

This crate includes carrying handles for transport that are easily repositionable and are useful for transporting the crate to a new location or for travel.

Folding down for storage or travel, along with the double door setup, allows you to position the crate as you see fit for your room size. This model comes with a metal wire divider and a removable floor pan for easy cleaning.

Find the Easy-Carry Robust Crate

6. MidWest Ultima Pro Double Door Dog Crate 48″ – Best Crate for Dogs that Like to Chew

Double doors with heavier, stronger wires for robust Dog puppies and chewers.


Do you have a Dog that prefers to chew their kennel?

Then having a heavy-duty wire is a must to prevent them from escaping and causing damage to your home or themselves.

The MidWest Ultima is a dog crate with a strong, thick wire gauge and durable metal.

This is great for strong Dogs that push against their crates to escape.

The professional-gauge steel is designed to stand up to chewers and powerful dogs, like your Dog!

This model folds down without tools and with no disassembly and comes with a handle for easy transport. The Ultima Pro dog crate uses more professional-grade gauges for tougher, energetic dogs and strong puppies.

This ultra-strong crate design creates a safe place for your pet while you’re away and holds up to frequent use.

Look at The Wire Crate for High-Energy Chewers

7. Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Dog Cage Large – Best Kennel for Dogs that Escape

The Ultimate Escape Proof Dog Cage!


Is your Dog the escape artist and a lock-picking mastermind?

Then you need the Frisco Heavy Duty Steel dog cage!

Frisco makes the frame from solid steel and can withstand large breed rowdiness. The steel is powder-coated to resist scuffs, chips, dents, rusting, and wear and tear.

It’s also strengthened with welding at all stress points, which allows the cage to maintain its integrity and look with continued use.

The frame is rust and corrosion resistant and has easy-move wheels with locks. This cage will keep your dog safe and contained, even if they are prone to escaping from more traditional, smaller wire-framed crates.

If you worry about your dog’s ability to open locks and latches, then this model fits your needs.

The best crate for your Dog if they are prone to escaping and causing damage to your home or themselves is a steel cage model built especially for dogs that escape regular kennels.

Escape-Proof Kennel for Maximum Security

The Best Dog Crates for Dogs Comparison Chart

ModelWeight of Crate (pds)L x W x H”*Wire GaugeDivider Panel Included?Additional AccessoriesFolds Flat?
Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate3848 x 30 x 3312-gauge wire with a protective, black electro-coat finishYesPlastic pan, Divider panelYes
MidWest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Dog Crate4348 x 30 x 3312-gauge wire with a protective, black electro-coat finishYesPlastic pan, ABS plastic carrying handlesYes
MidWest LifeStages Double Door4848 x 30 x 3311-gauge wire with a protective, black electro-coat finishYesPlastic pan, ABS plastic carrying handlesYes
Frisco Single Door Fold & Carry39.548 x 30 x 32.511-gauge wire with a protective, black electro-coat finishYesPlastic pan, ABS plastic carrying handlesYes
Frisco Heavy Duty Double Door Crate41.548 x 30 x 32.59-gauge wire with a protective, black electro-coat finishYesPlastic pan, ABS plastic carrying handlesYes
MidWest Ultima Pro Double Door Dog Crate5948 x 30 x 34.759-gauge wire with a protective, black electro-coat finish, professional-gauge steel designed to stand up to chewers and stronger dogsYesPlastic pan, ABS plastic carrying handleYes
Frisco Ultimate Heavy-Duty Steel Metal Dog Cage>7542.13 x 30.71 x 40.941/2-inch diameter welded high-grade powder-coated steel tubingNoPlastic pan, lockable 3″ safety wheelsNo
Comparison Guide: Best Dog Crates for Dogs

Use the slider at the bottom of the chart to move left/right to see the full table, if necessary.

*Measurements based on the outside dimensions.

What’s the best Dog crate size?

The best Dog crate size is 48”. It’s more useful to have extra room rather than a crate that’s too small. Buy a larger crate so that it continues to comfortably house your dog as they grow. A 48” Dog crate size allows your dog to turn around, stretch, lie down, and stand with space to spare. If you keep your dog crated longer than a few hours the recommended crate size for a Dog is 48” for comfort and health.

A full-grown Dog needs space to stand, sit, lie down, and stretch. Not to mention, turn around with ease.

And most 48″ crates come with a wire divider for keeping your Dog puppy in a smaller area as they potty train. This means they aren’t tempted to soil their crates on one side and simply sleep on the other that’s clean.

Crate Size: Too Small Versus Too Large

A too-small kennel isn’t suitable. It’s uncomfortable and even cruel for Dog Dogs.

When left for long periods a small crate doesn’t allow your dog to stretch. This can cause joints and muscles to stiffen. 

It’s important to allow Dogs to stretch since they are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. An area too small can lead to tightness and stiffness and could increase anxiety and cause long-term joint damage if excessively used.

But, an area too large just takes up extra space. Contrary to what others may say, a puppy or smaller dog will go into a larger crate. Use a crate divider, which is usually provided with most dog crates, if you want to decrease the size of your puppy’s crate to make it less appealing for them to soil.

You can easily use this metal divider to block off an area too large if it bothers you or your Dog. All of the wire kennels on this page are recommended since they have free dividers included (except the heavy-duty cage model).

Is crating your Dog cruel?

For some owners who are new to the notion of crate training, confinement in such a small space might seem cruel or even a punishment.

But free-roaming dogs in the wild seek shelter in small, covered spaces for safety from predators and environmental harms. Using the natural history of wild dogs, you can see how Dogs can easily be trained to view their kennel or crate as a safe cave or their own private home away from home.

And, know what’s even better?

You can help them maintain this cozy space since you can take most crates with you wherever you and your Dog go.

In fact, all Dogs should be trained to enjoy being in a crate even if you don’t plan on using one later. Learning to enjoy staying in their crates can be important for teaching your Dog that it’s okay to be alone and they’re safe in their “private den.”

In particular, your dog will be less likely to develop anxiety when separated from you down the road if you need to leave your dog for travel. Most dogs will also need to visit a groomer or veterinarian’s office at some point in their life, and teaching them to love their crate helps them avoid the stress of using one outside of their home.

Your Dog puppy can even be trained to sleep quietly in their crate at night, giving them a warm spot that keeps you from accidentally tripping over them if they were left out and got under your feet.

Do you want to learn how to easily crate train your dog using toys? 🙋🏻‍♂️

Then find out the tips and tricks of Kong Toys for Dogs!

Dog Crates Buyer’s Guide

There are several types of crates available. While it’s a bit daunting to figure out the size and style to pick for your Dog, these tips will set your mind at ease.

The most common crate varieties are wire crates, plastic crates, and metal reinforced crates for escape artists. Wire crates are great for dogs to travel in or for camping. With a wire crate that folds flat for easy storage and travel, you’ll find that taking your Dog with you on outings is more convenient. Keep in mind that wire crates are larger, so they tend to need more space for set-up.

Your Dog’s Home Crate

Certainly, the best for a GermanShepherd’s home crate is a plastic or wire crate. I prefer wire crates, as they fold flat for storage and are more economical to purchase. They also tend to last longer and stand up to the wear and tear of life with a Dog.

Plastic crates may feel more secure for your dog, as the walls are largely solid compared to the wire crates. But, plastic crates large enough for a Dog tend to be more expensive, not last as long, and are better suited to short times during travel than for more frequent home use. Both plastic and metal crates can be strengthened using strategically placed zip ties to prevent rambunctious puppies and adult dogs from pushing apart the frame.

For an escape artist, a rugged (not collapsible) reinforced (preferably welded) metal crate is best. These cages are humane when used for short periods of time to keep your Dog from escaping and hurting themselves while unsupervised. They are bulky and need more space than wire or plastic crates, but will last you a lifetime.

The Right Size

Selecting the right size crate for a Dog can be confusing. Some owners are inclined to choose a large-sized crate to give the dog lots of room, but they fail to remember to also make sure they have a wire divider to make the sleeping space smaller.

If you choose a crate that is too large, your puppy may use a part of the crate as a toilet and create unsanitary conditions that you’ll have to deal with. Always opt for a wire divider that you can adjust and move as your Dog grows into her larger crate.

If you use a plastic crate, place a cardboard box in the back half of the crate to make the space smaller so your puppy can’t reach the back to use it for soiling. With these crate tricks, you don’t have to buy multiple crates as your Dog puppy grows and you’ll save money and time in the long run.

Once your dog is fully potty trained a larger crate will prove more useful as they have more room to stretch out and enjoy their comfortable private bedroom.

Crate Location

I advise placing the crate in an area of your house where both you and your Dog can access it effortlessly at any time needed. The crate should be out of the way sufficiently so that it won’t get tripped over constantly or you won’t have to move it as this disturbs your dog’s private space.

I usually place a crate right beside my bed when I have a new puppy. This set-up helps teach puppies to sleep in the crate more quietly because you are right beside them and they don’t feel so isolated.

You’ll also be able to hear your puppy if they cry to let you know they need to go potty during the night. I set another crate in a corner of my living room where I spend the most time during the day working or relaxing.

Using two different locations for a crate is not only convenient, but it gives your Dog the opportunity to find a spot away from family and noise should they want time to themselves.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Crate

Your dog’s crate needs regular cleaning to maintain sanitary living quarters. In particular, you must immediately clean their space when they soil the area or are sick in their crate.

Follow the steps below to safely clean your dog’s crate.

Step 1: Remove their toys, beds, blankets and all of the objects from their crate.

First, you’ll need to clear out the crate of all of their items. Set the items to the side and wipe down their toys, cleaning them regularly with pet-safe disinfectant if they have any urine or feces on them. Set the toys aside and move on to the next step — your dog’s bedding.

While you’re cleaning their toys, inspect the items for any signs of deterioration and tear and remove them if necessary. You can find some great toys for Dogs to replace the old, worn-out ones.

Step 2: Wash their soft bedding materials.

Next, you’ll wash your dog’s bedding and soft blankets. This is especially important if they have an accident in the crate, and it should be done as soon as possible to avoid cross-contamination to other items in the crate or house.

Generally, you can wash their bedding in your washing machine following the manufacturer’s washing guidelines. If you need to remove really difficult odors, simply add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your wash load. 

Be sure the bedding is fully dry before replacing it back into the clean crate.

Step 3: Dry the crate outside or in a well-ventilated area.

Washing a Dog’s large crate can get quite messy! I suggest washing the crate outside, with your garden hose. If you are unable to go outside, choose a room with tile floors that are easier to mop up, such as your kitchen, bathroom, or mud and laundry room. The room needs proper ventilation so that the cage can dry quickly.

Use clean cloth towels or paper towels to wipe down the parts to help dry the crate quicker. Make sure that your Dog isn’t near the crate as you clean it by keeping them in a separate room while you work.

Step 4: Finding the right cleaning solution.

The most important thing is that your dog shouldn’t come into contact with any chemicals while you’re cleaning their crate. This is critical as some cleaning solutions are harmful and can make your dog sick if they are exposed to it.

Don’t let them come into contact with the crate until it is fully dry. 

Never clean their crate with ammonia because ammonia tends to smell like urine to dogs. You could unintentionally encourage them to urinate in the crate if you clean it with ammonia.

Here are a couple of good do-it-yourself cleaning solutions that you can mix up at your own home to save some money. Once mixed, use them immediately and toss out any that you don’t use for cleaning.

Place the following in a spray bottle to make your own homemade crate cleanser:

  • Squirt one part dish detergent to ten parts of warm water
  • Use half a cup of white vinegar to one-gallon warm water
  • Add half a cup of bleach to a gallon of cool water

Always take safety precautions when mixing your own chemicals at home. Never have your dog around when cleaning their crate, ensure you’ve rinsed (and then rinsed again) their crate to remove any chemical residues, and ensure the cage is fully dry before placing your Dog’s toys and bedding back inside.

Helpful Tips for Crating Your Dog

Follow these tips so your Dog enjoys their crate.

Your dog’s crate should be a haven for them. Your Dog needs to have a soft place to rest, enough space to relax, and a comfortable temperature.

It’s best to make sure your dog enjoys his time in the crate by following these helpful hints.


  • Place the crate in an area out of busy zones. A quiet corner in the living room is good.
  • Make sure the area has plenty of ventilation, but no cold drafts. Use a cover if needed.
  • Use treats and praise when your dog is in the crate. Let him know he’s doing a great thing by being there!
  • Let your dog enjoy his meals in the crate while supervised. This creates a positive feeling with the kennel.
  • Offer your dog a special toy to chew or play with when in the kennel. Make sure the toy is safe and supervise his toy time.

ALWAYS take off your dog’s collar before crating them! Their collar can get caught between the bars or wire and cause significant damage!

Use a PetSafe Breakaway Collar to prevent any unforeseen accidents!

The breakaway collar stops your dog from hanging themselves by releasing them automatically. Dogs are more agile in their crates than you could imagine, especially puppies, and they get themselves in problems with their collars when you least expect it.


  • Hit, kick, or strike the crate. With or without your dog in it, this creates a fear of the crate.
  • Keep your dog in its kennel for more time than needed. Long times in a kennel can cause anxiety.
  • Leave the kennel in the sun. Your home can get hot enough to cause overheating problems if left in a sunny spot for too long!
  • Give your dog a treat or toy they haven’t had before and leave. Your dog could have problems eating the treat or tear the toy and eat it.
  • Yell at your dog when in the kennel or use the area as punishment. A kennel is a safe spot, not a bad zone.

Considerations Before Buying a Dog Crate

Invest wisely in a durable kennel for safety.

Dogs are natural den animals (source). They prefer and want a safe place to hide or even relax. A crate provides both safety and relaxation for your pet.

They prevent unforeseen accidents, like the destruction of your property. Or worse, harm to your dog from staying alone all day left to their own devices.

Items to consider when buying your dog a crate:

  • Escape artists need a model made from solid steel
  • While the average dog can get away with a heavy gauge wire kennel (Remember, the lower the number on the wire gauge, the greater the strength.)
  • They are a great tool for house training and traveling.

Need an easy step-by-step guide to teaching your Dog to love their new den?

Then follow this helpful guide to crate train your Dog to help save yourself time and stress of using a kennel with your dog.

Given a crate’s many uses, it’s best to decide before you buy how you will use your crate.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Dog Crate

How will you use your crate?

A kennel needs to suit your expectations and your dog’s requirements.

Answering these questions before buying allows you the best outcome:

  • Will you need the crate to be lightweight enough to take for holidays or hotel travels?
  • Does your Dog escape traditional wire kennels?
  • Will you need a crate with two doors to allow multiple entrances?
  • What size will you and your dog feel most comfortable with?

Don’t buy the cheapest kennel available. Cheap won’t always suit your needs.

Consider price, but consider your dog’s needs more.

Buying the Best Crate for Your Dog – What to REALLY know!

Dog crates are widely available and provide an open ‘den’ area that many Dogs like to use as a safe place. Crates are also useful training aids to help puppies learn to be left alone or to encourage house training – but crates should never be used as a punishment.

Because a crate will become your dog’s very own private bedroom, don’t skimp on quality with the safety and comfort of your dog.

My top 3 picks for crates for a Dog include the following:

  1. Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Dog Cage – Best Kennel for Dogs that Escape
  2. MidWest Ultima Pro Double Door Dog Crate – Best Crate for Dogs that Like to Chew
  3. Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate – Best Crate for Dog Puppy

Determine the strength of the crate you need for your Dog’s disposition and energy level. Most importantly, train your Dog to not just like their crate…

But to love it! 💗

Crates provide your dog with a strong, secure, escape-proof enclosure while giving them their own private den. Buy the most suitable crate that you can afford, keeping your dog’s personality in mind.

Remember, the best crate for a Dog is one that you and your dog are both happy and comfortable to use with safety at the forefront.

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