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Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me?

Humping, also known as mounting, is a common behavior observed in dogs. While it can be embarrassing or confusing for dog owners, it's essential to understand that this behavior is not necessarily sexual in nature. If you find that your dog only humps you, there could be several reasons behind this behavior. In this article, we will explore the potential reasons why your dog engages in this behavior exclusively with you and how you can address it. **

1. Dominance and Social Hierarchy

** Humping can be a way for dogs to assert dominance or establish social hierarchy. If your dog perceives you as a subordinate or a member of the pack, they may try to hump you to display their dominance. This behavior is more common in intact male dogs, but it can also be observed in females and neutered males. **

2. Seeking Attention

** Dogs are social animals, and they seek attention and interaction from their human companions. Humping might be your dog's way of seeking your attention, especially if they have learned that this behavior elicits a reaction from you, even if it's negative attention. Dogs can quickly learn that certain actions, even unwanted ones, get them the attention they desire. **

3. Playful Behavior

** In some cases, humping can be a form of play for dogs. Play humping can occur during play sessions when dogs are excited and engaging in roughhousing behavior. It may not have a sexual connotation but can be a way for them to release energy and show enthusiasm. **

4. Stress or Anxiety

** Stress or anxiety can manifest in various ways in dogs, and humping might be one of them. If your dog feels anxious or stressed, they may use humping as a coping mechanism. Identifying the source of stress and addressing it appropriately can help reduce this behavior. **

5. Medical Reasons

** In some cases, medical issues could be causing your dog to hump excessively. Pain or discomfort in the genital area or hormonal imbalances could be contributing factors. If you notice a sudden increase in humping behavior, it's essential to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical conditions. **

How to Address the Behavior

** 1. **Training and Obedience:** Consistent training and obedience sessions can help establish boundaries and reinforce desired behaviors. Use positive reinforcement techniques to reward your dog for appropriate behavior. 2. **Redirect the Behavior:** When you notice your dog attempting to hump you, distract and redirect their attention to a different activity or toy. Encourage them to engage in more appropriate behaviors. 3. **Ignore the Behavior:** If your dog humps you for attention, try to ignore the behavior. Any reaction, even negative attention, can reinforce the behavior in their eyes. 4. **Exercise and Enrichment:** Ensure your dog gets plenty of physical and mental stimulation through regular exercise and enrichment activities. A tired and mentally satisfied dog is less likely to engage in excessive humping. 5. **Medical Evaluation:** If you suspect medical reasons are causing the behavior, consult your veterinarian for a thorough examination to rule out any health issues. **


** Humping is a behavior that can be displayed by dogs for various reasons. If your dog only humps you, it may be due to dominance, attention-seeking, playfulness, stress, or even medical reasons. Understanding the underlying cause of the behavior is crucial in addressing and modifying it. By providing proper training, attention, and addressing any potential health concerns, you can help your dog exhibit more appropriate and acceptable behaviors. Remember to be patient and consistent in your approach, and if needed, seek guidance from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

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