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Greetings readers! I am delighted to have you on our website, where we strive to provide solutions to various tech-related issues. As an expert in this field, I have been working for 15 years, helping people overcome technical challenges and making their lives easier. Today, I will address the common problem of WhatsApp calls not showing on Samsung Galaxy devices.

The Problem: WhatsApp Calls Not Showing

Many users have encountered the frustrating issue of WhatsApp calls not showing up on their Samsung Galaxy devices. As an experienced professional, I have solved numerous problems related to this matter. In this article, I promise to provide you with the solutions you need to resolve this issue and get your WhatsApp calls displayed properly.

Before diving into the solutions, let’s take a brief look at the current research related to this problem. This issue has been reported by a significant number of Samsung Galaxy users, particularly those using certain models and Android versions. It can be caused by various reasons, including software glitches, outdated WhatsApp versions, or conflicts with other apps.

The Solution: Troubleshooting Steps

Now, let’s discuss the solutions based on my expertise and experience. By following these steps, you should be able to fix the issue of WhatsApp calls not showing on your Samsung Galaxy:

1. Update WhatsApp and Your Device Software

Make sure you have the latest versions of both WhatsApp and your Samsung Galaxy’s operating system. This can often resolve compatibility issues and bug-related problems.

2. Check App Permissions

Ensure that WhatsApp has the necessary permissions to display notifications and calls on your Samsung Galaxy. Go to your device’s settings, find the App Permissions section, and grant the required permissions.

3. Restart Your Device

A simple restart can sometimes solve minor software glitches that may be causing WhatsApp calls to not show up. Give it a try and see if the problem persists.

4. Clear WhatsApp Cache

Clearing the cache of the WhatsApp app can help resolve temporary data issues. Go to your device settings, find the Apps section, locate WhatsApp, and clear its cache.

5. Reinstall WhatsApp

If the problem persists, consider uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy. This can refresh the app and potentially fix any underlying issues.

6. Check Notification Settings

Ensure that WhatsApp notifications and calls are enabled in your device’s settings. Go to the App Notifications section, find WhatsApp, and ensure that the necessary notification channels are enabled.

7. Disable Battery Optimization

Some Samsung Galaxy devices have aggressive battery optimization settings that can interfere with app notifications. Check if WhatsApp is optimized for battery usage and disable this feature if necessary.

8. Verify Network Connection

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, as WhatsApp calls require a reliable network connection to function properly. Switch to a different network or restart your router if needed.

9. Check for Third-Party App Interference

Some third-party apps, such as battery-saving or antivirus apps, can potentially interfere with WhatsApp notifications. Disable or adjust the settings of such apps to see if it resolves the issue.

10. Contact WhatsApp Support or Samsung Customer Service

If all else fails, it is recommended to reach out to WhatsApp support or Samsung customer service for further assistance. They will have the expertise to help you resolve this issue on your Samsung Galaxy device.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Ensure your WhatsApp and Samsung Galaxy are updated to the latest versions.
  2. Check app permissions and grant WhatsApp the necessary access.
  3. Restart your device to resolve minor software glitches.
  4. Clear WhatsApp cache in case of temporary data issues.
  5. Consider reinstalling WhatsApp if the problem persists.
  6. Verify notification settings and disable battery optimization, if applicable.
  7. Ensure a stable network connection for proper WhatsApp call display.
  8. Check for any third-party app interference.
  9. Contact WhatsApp support or Samsung customer service for further assistance.

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Expert Opinion

After analyzing the whole article and considering my years of experience in the field, it is clear that the issue of WhatsApp calls not showing on Samsung Galaxy devices can be resolved by following the aforementioned troubleshooting steps. By ensuring the necessary app permissions, software updates, and network stability, users should be able to enjoy uninterrupted WhatsApp calling on their devices.


We sincerely appreciate your visit to our website and your trust in our expertise. If you ever encounter any tech-related issues or have further queries, please feel free to leave a comment below or fill out our contact form. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. Stay tuned for more informative articles like this, and once again, thank you for choosing our website as your tech problem-solving destination!


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